Diamond painting is thought to have originated long ago as a combination of sand painting and cross-stitch.

The modern-day diamond painting was first invented in China by Guangdong Dazu Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. in 2010. The art is closely similar to paint by numbers and cross-stitch and has been going viral since its invention.

The concept of diamond painting is not a new concept at all. However, it has evolved a lot since its beginning. It is believed to be originated in Asia and has spread its horizon across the world. 

The patent states that diamond painting aims to produce a pattern with a plastic canvas—much like the Sand Painting Card—and follow the pattern and place beads like adding stitches in a cross-stitch pattern. 

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Though diamond painting originated in Asia, it quickly spread to Europe and remains especially popular in Russia. It didn’t take long for the craft to reach global fame and for kits to make their way onto the shelves of craft stores throughout the world. 

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