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High-Quality Paint With Diamonds Pen for Fine Detail Work.

Amateur and professional painters alike will appreciate the quality and adaptability of this Diamond Pen Set for paint by Diamonds. Your pen applicator is essential to your diamond art kit because it is the vessel that carries the drills (or diamond beads) from your tray to the canvas. As you learn how to master the art of diamond painting, you can use the pen that comes with the kit. But, as you progress, you may want to buy particular types of pens that can help you place multiple beads at the same time. Featuring quality, and professional construction,  this paint brushes set will support you through every stage of your next creative project.


Why Should You Have This Detail Paint Pen Set for paint by Diamonds?

Drill pens are the most common option, diamond painters prefer this pen for painting, and they’re included with each diamond painting tool kit. With this pen type, you simply dip it softly into the wax or glue and pick up the diamond. Next, you drop it into a specific position on the canvas, and that’s how you get your masterpiece done.

Package Includes:

1x set of brown paint pens.

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